Carpet Cleaning

The very best deep dry cleaning service available

Aquadry has been successfully cleaning carpets and upholstery for over 10 years. Our unique technology, highly trained staff and specially developed cleaning solutions ensure that our customers get the very best deep dry cleaning service available.

Beautiful and serviceable carpets are a substantial investment in any home. Nothing can beat that new luxurious look a good carpet gives to a room. But, all too soon, everyday use takes its toll. Eventually, all carpets become dull and downtrodden with the build-up of dust and grit no ordinary vacuum can reach. Our deep-cleaning method can restore a vibrant new feel to carpets, making them the focal point of the room once more. The process removes deep-down dirt without leaving sticky residual chemicals which could result in re-soiling after only a few weeks.

We can also cater for commercial customers requiring a deep clean of carpets and or hard floors ...

  • PUBS

  • kills dust mites, germs, and bacteria and removes the skin they live on
  • sucks out flea eggs
  • pulls pollutants out of your home
  • makes ‘traffic lanes’ look clean and fluffy
  • prolongs carpet life
  • improves softness
  • washes out water soluble soils
  • cleans deep, dries fast
  • reverses some oxidation
  • brightens colours
  • contains no harmful chemicals, safe for pets and children
  • flushes out odour sources
  • extracts allergy causing pollens, spores, etc
  • washes out most returning spots
  • rinses out residues left by previous cleaners
  • dissolves asphalt, gum, wax, polish, etc